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About Us

With great enthusiasm, energy and desire to start the Proken Studio project in 2015. Driven by seeking an alternative to a great social and economic crisis never seen before, we got down to work, in the city of Caracas, Venezuela. From the beginning, with a team full of talent, we managed to connect with the world through globalization. This is how we started through our services as a Creative Studio to develop projects in different parts of the world and turn dreams into reality for our clients.

Thanks to the great commitment and dedication of each member of the Proken Studio team, in a few years we have been able to build a solid company with presence in the international market in more than 20 countries.

Our head office is currently located in Madrid, Spain and we have a multicultural, specialized and professional team for each of our services.

Our Team

In Proken Studio we have managed to impact our community in a positive way. We care about the training of professionals who are the main ambassadors of our brand. Through courses and access to study platforms, we keep ourselves in constant learning and evolution.

We are known for our pride in belonging to our community, setting an example of professionalism, dedication and self-improvement.

We have become an effective team of professionals with experience and vision, ready to receive your project or idea and transform it into something wonderful.


The best in every service.


10 years improving day by day.


Multidisciplinary and professional.